Ciobanesc Belgian Malinois

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14-15 May 2022

C.A.C. C.A.C.I.B.

25-26 June 2021

C.A.C. C.A.C.I.B.
Malinois N.15
Standardul Federatiei Chinoologice Internationale
“The more I learn about people the more I love my dog”
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Despre Malinois


Is a working dog, an allpurpose service dog, as well as a family dog.


watchful and active dog, bursting with energy, and always ready toleap into action.


Without any hesitation it is the stubborn and keen protector
of its owner.


Fast learners, they pick any new command with ease, making them very easy to train.

Features / 01

Grupa 1 - Ciobanesti si caini de cireada (cu exceptia canilor elvetieni de bovine). Sectiunea 1 ciobanesti. Cu teste de lucru.

Features / 02

The  Belgian  Shepherd  is  a watchful  and  active  dog,  bursting  with  energy,  and  always  ready  to leap into action. As well as its innate skill at guarding flocks, it also possesses the highly prized qualities of the best guard dog of property. Without any hesitation it is the stubborn and keen protector of  its  owner.  It  brings  together  all  those  qualities  necessary  for a shepherd, guard, defence and service dog. – FCI – Standard

Features / 03

The Belgian Shepherd is a mediolineal dog, harmoniously proportioned, combining elegance and power, of medium size, with dry, strong muscle, fitting into a square, rustic, used to the open air life and built to resist the frequent atmospheric variations of the Belgian climate. – FCI Standard

Features / 04

La origine, caine cobanesc, astazi caine de lucru (paza, aparare, urma, etc.), caine cu scop mutiplu din punct de vedere al cainilor utilitari, siun bun caine de familie.


About Rasing Mali.

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Everybody can have a malinois,
A malinois is not for everybody.
If training is not fun for you and the dog, then don't do it
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